Our Fig Crowdfunding Campaign is Live


We're really excited to announce that our crowdfunding campaign at https://fig.co/flashpoint is now live.

We've worked really hard to bring this fantastic board game to PC.  Our work is not yet complete and we have partnered with the amazing team at Fig to enlist the help of the gaming community to fund the final stages of development of the project.

Our ambition is to include a Story Mode into the game that puts you in charge of the safety of a whole town.  Manage squads stationed at various fire houses, respond to calls and dispatch investigators to determine the cause of the fires.  Gather evidence on insurance fraudsters, a mad arsonist, negligent electricians or a faulty product that may need to be recalled. It’s a whole new layer to this beloved franchise.

We have some great rewards lined up including the options to directly contribute ideas and designs to the game. Work with us to bring yourself, a loved one or even a pet into the game to as a survivor in need of rescue. Design a false alarm, products that populate the world or even an entire location.

We’re expecting to have a lot of fun with this stage of development and we welcome your participation. Join us at https://fig.co/flashpoint to see how you can get involved.

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